When a Final Year Project student came to me asking for help with a Virtual Reality (VR) project in late 2017, I was hesitant. I had only dabbled in Augmented Reality (AR) and I wasn’t planning to touch VR, nor do I have any headsets or the like (I couldn’t afford them). Nonetheless, I tried to help him, believing that “VR is easy! It’s just like AR but on a headset. They are both 3D, so everything else should be similar except for how we build it…right…?”

He provided the headset, and after several nights looking over SteamVR documentations and messing around with the InteractionSamples scene, I got round to making his project work. A few months later, the university’s Registry Department came to me with a project to create a 360 tour in VR of the university, and thus began my on-and-off freelancing career building VR experiences. This space showcases my small dabbles in VR programming.